Haida Gwaii  Goshawk
Blue whale maneuverability
 Hypothesis figure for a grant proposal showing engineering challenges inspired by biological questions. Digital. ©Sylvia Heredia
 Hypothesis figure for a grant proposal - As a bird takes off, flies forward, navigates through obstacles, and reaches its target, it must make several transitions between different flight modes. These will require shifting between mechanisms for interpreting visual information and orienting aerodynamic forces. The visual algorithms may include maintaining balanced optic flow (of-of), avoiding high optic flow (↓of), or maintain constant velocity (v), acceleration (a), deceleration (d), height (h), optic flow (of), rate of image expansion (τ),and rate of change of time to collision (θ). At each transition, the birds may experience changes in either wingbeat kinematics (K) or the body orientation (bo). Digital. ©Sylvia Heredia
 Female and male fruit flies -  Drosophila melanogaster
 Graphic summary of main goals for grant proposal on microbiome and humans as host. Digital. ©Sylvia Heredia
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